Moore Music - A Piano Studio of Excellence
Calendar of Events 
2017 - 2018 Theme
Hope is hearing the music of the future -- Rubem Alvarez
Friday, September 22    Theory Classes

Friday, October 13       Theory Classes

Week of November 6    Group Lessons

Saturday, November 11     Fall Festival
Cherrydale UMC Arlington

November 20-24            Studio Closed

Week of December 4     Group Lessons

Sunday, December 10   Holiday Event
Adler Center for Caring

Friday, December 15     Theory Classes
December 25 - 30           Studio Closed

Friday, January 5          Theory Classes

Friday, January 12         
                Rehearsal for Winter Recital
Heritage Baptist Church

Sunday, January 15              Skills Day

Saturday, January 20     Winter Recital
Heritage Baptist Church

Week of January 29     Group Lessons
Friday, February 2       Theory Classes

Saturday, February 10
                           Theory Mastery Day
Saturday, February 1  Repertoire Class

Week of February 26    Group Lessons

Saturday, March 3         SpringFestival
Riverside High School

Week of April 2             Group Lessons

Saturday, April 7
                         Bach-Baroque Festival

Week of May 14           Group Lessons

Sunday, May 20           Sonata Festival  

Friday, June 1
                    Awards Recital Rehearsal
Heritage Baptist Church

Saturday, June 10         Awards Recital
Heritage Baptist Church

Thursday, June 14
National Guild Auditions

Friday, August 31
                    Summers End Celebration

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